My new life – in English

Who would have thought that this exam would drain me that much? – Who would have thought that I would finally blog in English and make it public on facebook? Now I am sitting in front of my laptop, very recovered, very inspired, trying to pull this post together which feels like the very first one.
All this is about something that I would call my new life, however it is not so new, in fact it is as old as myself. But currently I have been reading various blogs and articles and I got inspired to come up with my own life program or outline. Now it is on paper and it sticks on my wall, and it is also lying on my desk, being ticked every now and then. And it is going online on this blog. The testing started yesterday and will run until the end of April, when I will move to the capital in my favorite human’s flat. One of the principles of my new life program is not to talk much about my plans, therefore here I won’t disclose my intentions after the move yet. But you will be able to follow them here later, if you are interested.
Another thing that the outline is focusing on is my diet (as in eating, not fasting). And here I go back to the university, where I must have looked very tired after the exam, because two of my choir friends asked me independently from each other whether I was from an exam. One of them had a plastic bag and what was found inside? A piece of blackforest cake from the supermarket. My Soprano Friend had told me about it and that it was not always available at the supermarket, but if it was, she would usually buy it, enjoy it and then gain weight like the way yeast dough multiplies in the bowl. (She didn’t express it in those particular words, but I am trying to be metaphorical.) I know blackforest as Schwarzwälderkirschtorte and I doubt that Kenyan blackforest can even get close to the Schwarzwälderkirschtorte I used to feast on at Granny’s when I was a child. (Like that “chocolate ball” I sacrificed for myself in the capital after a successful day in the center – it was so unnice, that I couldn’t even finish it.) But after an exam, which, I just in that very moment realized, had obviously drained me, I really felt like Schwarzwälderkirschtorte in form of blackforest. Then, walking home, I thought that I shouldn’t buy it because of my food rules, where I try to cut animal products, sugar and carbs – all of which are very much present in a blackforest. But then I realized that one of the most important rules is that they are flexible – actually it is me who made them, so it will also be me who is able to break them. And in fact, I am not breaking them. I might go, buy and eat that blackforest on Sunday and tick sugar, carbs and animal products and then just avoid those on other days. And I will enjoy it, hopefully it is nicer than that “chocolate ball”.


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