Extreme Simple Living

If life was a sports game, my current way of life could maybe be best described as Extreme Simple Living. It’s my last day in the uni town and the favourite human has already taken a lot of my stuff to his flat in the capital. He carried a big suitcase, a mattress and some small bags, too.

Just as to add on that, the gas cooker decided to misbehave in a way that couldn’t even be fixed by the experts from the supermarket. So they sent it to the manufacturer from where I will get it, hopefully repaired and working, in a few weeks. In that way, it traveled to the capital for free. I experimented two times with the jiko, a charcoal cooker, but the charcoal I had bought had actually been rained on heavily, which made me burn a significant amount of paper to light it. It frustrated me so much, though, that I am currently feeding on bread, avocado, bananas and nuts. (Or I invite myself to the kitchens of others and cook there for all of us.) But it forced me to get rid of some paper like university notes, which I would have kept and not used, anyway.

So I am somehow back to live “out of the backpack”, sleeping in my sleeping bag and washing a few clothes every other day, because I don’t have many extras. This shows me especially what I miss or what I really need and can hardly do without. Paper, for example, seems to play a big role in my life. I keep papers that are written on on one page and use them on the other side for scribbles, sketches, notes and any kind of lists. (I list almost everything!) I also have various notebooks for noting my expenses to keep a budget, writing some fiction, short stories and poems, taking general notes, putting down quotes I want to remember, taking short notes of articles or academic books I read, keeping my dreams and collecting observations which I might later use as inspirations for stories. That’s a lot of paper organized in many notebooks. Currently I am remaining with the observation book (now also serving as the dream book) and the general diary (my most important notebook, currently also serving as the budget book), as well as the big college notebook where the final paper for my bachelor’s degree is maturing (currently also providing some pages for letters). But I am very much looking forward to find that big blue plastic thing in the capital, containing all my paper treasures and notebooks.

Hot food, and especially morning tea, is also something I quite miss since it’s not there currently. I used to read some things about the raw food movement and I was interested in one day experimenting with it, but now that I mostly eat cold food for the time being, I realized that a cup of hot tea or some steaming meal is something very delicious, not to be replaced by some raw smoothies or salad.

Since I’ll be tripping to the coast town tomorrow and from there go directly to the capital, and since the widely accepted stereotype about the coast is that it’s hot, I put all the sweaters and pullovers in the suitcase and they are gone. But I realized, however practical a raincoat is – it won’t replace the feeling of wearing a cozy pullover in a chilly evening.

And yesterday morning I also started to value my running shoes. I started running this year, and I was so proud to buy these quite cheap second hand sneakers so that I didn’t have to run in my sandals anymore. Yesterday morning I was forced to wear the sandals again – and it’s not a good feeling! With the shoes it is so much easier.

Missing something for a while makes you realize what you need and what you don’t need. My blankets, for example, seem not to be that important to me, because I really don’t mind sleeping in my sleeping bag. But I will appreciate to have my notebooks, sneakers, pullovers and a cup of tea back in my life.


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