The continuity of tasks and the pleasant discovery of the unusualness of my life

Last week, due to the situation of shifting the house, I lacked some things and found out that they were quite important to me. My running shoes and pullovers, for example. So I had to run in sandals and my raincoat. The most important thing about that was the fact that I WAS running and didn’t take the lack of shoes as an excuse.

It is funny, with how many plans and strategies and to-do-lists I can come up and never get tired of doing it. I just love organizing myself. (Don’t get me wrong, I am not rigid or boring. Even though I plan, doesn’t mean I am not spontaneous. The point is to balance between organization and spontaneous surprises.) And I am doing it over and over again: my work plan for the final paper changes regularly, travel plans are adjusted and my weekly to-do-sheet looks different every other time. That shows that my current life is not (yet?) all the same every day. I don’t have that same routine of going to work every morning at eight and coming back at five and having it that way ever after. But I realized that it is still important to keep up these weekly to-dos or tasks, like running, writing, learning vocabulary and so on. Because my vocabulary kit was already in the capital, I took it as an excuse to not study. I didn’t have my notebooks, either, so I couldn’t write as much. However, I just had to run. (Who would have thought four months ago that I could have an urge to run?!) And my missing running shoes were not an excuse strong enough.

Some days before, the favourite human had been around and that was such an unusual situation that I decided not to run as much as I wanted. The other week I had been upcountry, so no running. Soon, my family will visit me, but: I will try very hard and keep running and writing. Because all these “unusual situations” seem to be more than any “usual situation”, whatever that may be.

The (now former) uni town serves well as an example for the general unusualness of life. With the heavy rains some rivers appeared in areas that didn’t have rivers before. I had to balance on stones to avoid water in my shoes or sometimes adjust the route.

One day, I went with the Alto Friend for a walk and we found ourselves walking through rocks, wholes split open and piles of small stones. We were walking through a quarry, that had been steadily moving forward and eating holes in the hill, because the Alt Friend said when she had come to the uni town and started her studies four years ago, the quarry was way further down.

Next to where I lived was something like a collection of buildings where old influential men went for their evening beer, but which was also rented by students for bashes. My housemate used to use it as a shortcut, because the way through could save you a big corner. I never crossed that place when I was alone, though. Just two days before I left, there was something going on with the fences. In the morning, there was a hole in the bushes, in the afternoon it got neatly blocked with a stem and in the evening they had put an uncrossable fence or door that clearly indicated that trespassing was not tolerated anymore.

Things change, and they do that constantly. So my tasks should not be too fixed but flexible and adjustable. On the other hand, they still need to be done, even if the days are not always the same. Thank God they are not always the same! My life is a constant unusual situation – how lucky am I?!


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