Warning: This might be strange but it’s not nasty. I am trying to be more conscious on every part of my life – even the toilet issues.

Last week it happened that we ran out of toilet paper in the office. Actually, it was me who finished the last bit and since I haven’t been  here for so long I don’t know who is responsible to get new roles. Yesterday I bought a pack of ten roles for at home and I somehow knew that they won’t last long. Therefore, in the course of me simplifying my life – and since internet in the office is free – I did a little research. Internet just knows everything! Even about how to reduce the use of toilet paper.

The reasons for reducing even toilet paper are many: It will make me spend less, first of all. It is more environmentally friendly, of course. Imagine the whole world wiping their butts with forests. To be honest, that’s such a weird idea, and we do that every day, several times! Thinking of it now makes me aware of my patterns of consumption – another reason to take action, because I like to live an alert life. These being reasons enough for the moment, here are possible ways of reducing the use of toilet paper:

1. Analyse your toilet paper usage

Talking about awareness: Whether you count the sheets used every time or the roles per week, depends on you, but it will definitely be a big eye-opener.

2. Buy a different kind of toilet paper

Use recycled toilet paper that is produced from waste paper and not from growing trees. Avoid paper with a lot of extras like scent, prints or chemicals to soften it. Balance your choice: You can buy a cheap one but you might end up using more of it if it only has few layers. Buy the expensive, thick one but use less. There is even tube-free toilet paper in the US – the nightmare for craftspeople who need the tube for all kinds of creative art stuff. (Where I am currently staying, I don’t really have that choice. The origin of the paper material is not indicated.)

3. Control your roll

4. Use cloth for all other purposes

I started using a cloth to blow my nose long time ago. If I spill food or liquid things, I use an old rag. That way I save paper.

5. Use cloth wipes

There are families who do it and swear they will never go back to paper again. I just wonder about the extra water that is used for washing the wipes.

5. Use poems in public toilets

Oh how I would love to understand what these mean:

(I especially love that cartoon Mr. Shit!)

My strategies:

1. Folding instead of crumpling provides more surface.

2. Simply consciously using less sheets.

3. Keeping you updated, because public sacrifices usually put more pressure on me.

I would be interested in how conscious you are about your rolls!!


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