Food vs. Woman vs. Time

Today I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. A LOT of time! In the morning I cleaned yesterday’s dishes although I hadn’t even had dinner with the others. Meanwhile the favourite human was preparing breakfast – whereby I ate my share of yesterday’s dinner. Then I cleaned the breakfast dishes. I have to admit that yesterday I was freaking out a little because we haven’t established a routine of who is washing dishes when and the piles in the sink just asked for some action. The Wife and I just have to arrange ourselves. (The kitchen is womens’ territory and only the favourite human and sometimes the Cousin make an exemption of that. The favourite human’s Best Friend never does.)

At around 11 I went back to the kitchen to make rice and small fried cakes from grated pumpkin and eggs. That took me some hours. After lunch I continued right away with making the dough for chapati. We now have a plan for meals that everyone agreed on and for today it shows chapati. However, I got a little traumatized in the beginning of this year when I was supposed to make chapati for the favourite human’s family and failed in such an enormous way that up to today Madhe reminds me of “these things you made the other time that I don’t even have a name for.” They were very bad indeed. But Madhe wouldn’t be Madhe if she would not – after caning me verbally – tell me the greatest secret for making yummy chapatis: Take your time! Sitting in the kitchen today, listening to the children playing outside, different kinds of music from different sources and one neighbour shouting to another, I rolled out one dough ball after another, applied oil, folded it in that special way and put them aside for the Wife to roll them out again later and fry them. And I refused to think of my final paper that was sitting there, waiting. Or of my skype date. Or of this blog post that needed to be written. Or of any other very urgent thing. I took my time, I rolled and rolled, and I haven’t tasted them yet but with this high amount of patience and love they can’t really be bad.

Now, that is what I would call Slow Food (C). I haven’t really done any research on that movement but I guess slow food is good. Healthy for your stress level, good for awareness promotion and the result is real and nutritional food. If I interpret the name well it’s an opposition movement to the unhealthy consequences of fast food. But I recently realized that there is also good fast food.

Two things: One, the Cousin who is currently staying with us invested some part of his salary in a kind of pay TV that adds us some channels to the usual ones that are for free. On one channel, interestingly described as a “male channel”, I am sometimes following the show “Man vs. Food”. It’s about that guy who travels the states, introducing pubs and places where you can get heavy food. A lot of meat, a lot of melted butter, a lot of cheese, more often than not a lot of jalapeños or chilies, a lot of acryl amid and glutamate and bad fats and all that stuff causing cancer – and making the average American full and happy. I don’t like the “versus” part of it, whereby eating becomes a competition against time (eat as much as possible as fast as possible). But I like how the content of fat and unhealthy but – let’s be honest – yummy ingredients is being valued. (And I like the idea of cheese chips that I saw there yesterday. Why haven’t I thought of that before?)

Two, I found a blog called Stonesoup which provides simple recipes with not more than five ingredients which you can prepare in less than 10 minutes. And it is so healthy food – and in such a big variety. Here I don’t agree with eating canned protein (like kidney beans etc.) every other day and calling it fresh food. And the suggestion of eating eggs every morning does not really fit me either. But why spending hours in the kitchen when you can have a quick, healthy, filling and tasty meal in five minutes? I think the Stonesoup concept is a great one.

Today I am eating late because I want to wait for the favourite human to come home and we eat together. Chapati and beans. Heavy food, late at night, that took three quarter of the day to be prepared. Tomorrow I will eat the left over pumpkin cakes in the office and quickly fry rice with vegetables for dinner. So it is, as usual, all about the balance. Which I am still about to find, even when it comes to stomach affairs.


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