It’s been quiet here for a while. That’s because I moved. I left the capital city, I even left the continent, and I am now in Ö. It’s a big difference, but likable nonetheless. However, I wanted to share an incident that had happened back in the capital city. I lost my laptop. And my hard drive. With photos from about three years, loads and loads of documents, university stuff, more than 9000 titles of music, hundreds of movies and all the other things that are washed up on a laptop during the years. And I lost my precious diary where all my friends from both continents had left beautiful drawings and greetings. And my camera. All gone. I never cried. (I cried some days later when things that I had borrowed from others had gone, too, and when my favorite dog had died.) So I was left with two weeks to start the final paper all over again and managed it. Then I went back to the office, where the internet is free, and I found myself collecting stuff again: downloading episodes from a series, downloading music… just because it was free. I continued collecting bus tickets and pieces from newspapers and things that might come handy one day. And then I realized, that losing all the stuff was an opportunity to stop collecting, or at least, balance (which I always try to aim at, in any circumstances). Starting from zero. So before I left, I copied about seven important documents to my e-mail account, the rest I deleted. (Only the final paper I parked on the favorite human’s laptop.) Then, when leaving the capital city, I didn’t clutter my new diary with all the tickets, boarding passes and excerpts from the plane’s magazine. I just kept one luggage tag as a souvenir. I took the free newspaper, that was offered, read through it and left it there. Even if you can have news for free, you don’t really need them. Not having to take pictures and not being accessible through phone was a liberation anyway.

I got the little little sister’s camera and school bag, an old-school phone from the cupboard with the old phones, a music player and some half working ear phones for it and a part of an audio book from the internet. It’s an adaption from Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and I like it. And I will delete it when I listened to it. The internet will store it for me.

That’s how I came to Ö. With less stuff and lots of space to breath and less things to worry about. With things that are perfect to be used but nobody uses them, so I use them. And with the possibility to try to collect less and find a balance between accumulating and letting go.


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