Goats versus Sheep

It is hard to believe, but one month ago I was still somewhere else. However, I knew I would leave soon and started to get used to the idea of farewell by making the following list. (In brackets my thoughts on it today.)

What I’ll miss

  • goats (Here I have sheep and impressive black cows that make a good compensation.)
  • buying almost frozen mala at the milk shop round the corner (There is something like mala here, but there’s nothing like a milk shop.)
  • githeri
  • tapping water
  • watching from 4th floor how women dress and how men carry their children (Watching the school yard from 12th floor is not bad either…)
  • the way advice is asked for, taken and given
  • church songs (I might even miss those most of all the other items.)

What I won’t miss

  • welders (Well, we have leave blowers here.)
  • two hours in public transport to reach the office (Just today I replaced the two hours walk to uni with my new bicycle.)
  • Tom Mboya Street
  • the oily kitchen (The kitchen here is an oily mess, too.)
  • dust – five minutes after cleaning
  • running in circles or in pollution (I started running in one circle only, around the cows and sheep mentioned above.)
  • treating water for drinking
  • Mzungu how are you?
  • Afrosinema
  • preachers

It is expectedly easy to get used to this other lifestyle again now. But apart from the first list, what I miss most seem to be people and the general feeling of being in that place. And that’s a sad good thing, isn’t it?


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