Viral leaves

The town of Ö is in flames. Or on weed. When I cycle I feel like in one of those psychedelic hippie movies. The leaves of the trees are orange and yellow and red and it is beautiful up to that point where it hurts. In combination with the Light up here it seems almost unreal. It has been like that for more than a week now but I am still in a constant state of awe. What also strikes me is the sheer plenty of trees and avenues that offer a long flow and a mass of these exuberant colours.

As I said, I usually see this while biking. So I cannot take a picture. Therefore I decided once to walk and carry my camera and just take some pictures of the street that leads straight to the main door. It is lined with four rows of brightly gleaming orange maple trees and I wanted to remember the sight and get as much golden autumn abundance on the picture as possible.

Then I thought: Why should I take a picture at all? I can get a thousand amazing autumn pictures with exactly the same trees and colours on the internet, and they look perfect. Of course, it is obvious that the very picture that I would have taken, with the feelings I had at that particular moment and the reasons for the picture, this very picture is not available on the internet.

However, I wondered whether I should upload the picture here and decided that it is not yet time for photos on that blog. If you want to know how it looks like here in Ö, search for autumn pictures and you will find them. In high-definition and single lens reflex. You can share them and like them and post them and make them go viral.

I refuse. I will cycle down my avenue and keep my pictures for myself.


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