Unshot photos

Someone whose photo is too unaesthetic to be linked here wrote that blogs without photos are lame. So I decided to put some photos on this blog. They are not shot yet and some of them never will be.

  • A mass of young men in green army uniforms, walking in groups on the side way. They are just leaving a parking lot of a garden retail store. There they have parked about twenty green cubical military cars in a very square formation. They are laughing and talking to each other, heading to the wholesale for lunch.
  • The entrance to a short tunnel for pedestrians, under the train tracks. It is made of concrete and the frame is painted white. The path is grey, maybe dark and wet from rain or fog, and patched. Somebody has written WELCOME TO LOVE!!!! with four exclamation marks over the entrance, and above that, some brownish blades of grass are sprouting around the metal poles of a green piece of fence.
  • The street and square around the mosque full of people in festive dresses. Black trousers and black shoes. Clothes that I know as kanzu, kofia and buibui. Sunglasses. Beards. Families are walking home, others go to their cars, many people are standing in groups, chatting. Children. Hugs. Someone on the way to his car, with the keys in hand, talking to someone else, who leaves the square in the opposite direction. Women looking for their children or friends or relatives or guests in the crowd.
  • A series of photos of the buildings on campus. In early, crisp morning light, with a golden touch from the red and orange autumn leaves. No people. Deserted areas with light grey tiles of cement in the foreground. Then sharp and rectangular the library, the music school, the gymnasium, the long building, and especially the combination of the two buildings where I always have classes. From every angle, from each side, from every possible perspective. To make me understand and get behind the concept of this blank pile of walls, windows, corners and bricks.
  • A white coarse tent with a dark red velvet curtain behind the entrance. The curtain is in crinkles. The tent has a pointed roof and is fixed with robes and wooden poles. Patches of short, bright green grass here and there.

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