More Unshot Photos

  • Two cans of beer in the foreground, shiny blue and silver, standing on a huge parking lot. In the background, blurry, the big grocery store, its name shines in red neon letters. It is night, and I would cleverly use the flash for some spotlight effect. There is some dark puddle, too, and a third can, lying, and some white plastic waste, on the edge of the photograph. It would be an effigy of the night life of youth in the outskirts. (It would need some creative caption to express that.)
  • A man with a leaf blower in the middle of a tornado of whirling red, orange and yellow leaves. His face without expression, just focussing on his work, wearing noise protectors on his ears.
  • The letter Å, handwritten precisely with a black felt pen on a white squared piece of paper, then laminated and put up on an electrical pillar box.
  • A photo series of young women with long, blonde or brown hair, tied to a ponytail. They all wear tight, bright pink and black sports wear and their smart phones are fixed on one of their upper arms. Their pony tail swings as they power walk through the park and meanwhile talk to someone on the phone.

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