I am studying journalism. And then I want to become a farmer. That makes it very easy to not go crazy about the classes. If I knew my future life would look like what is currently presented to us, I would be scared. Or quit all together. But the nice-to-know-but-not-forever attitude towards it helps to stand all that.

For example. this is what we currently learn:

  • writing feature stories
  • layouting a magazine
  • taking professional news photographs
  • editing the photos
  • web design
  • radio production

These are some things that are due soon:

  • class magazine
  • poster of edited photos
  • reflection on the poster
  • ideas on paper how to design a website
  • test website

The magazine is full of (feature) stories that are not news. How can my farmer friends who are retiring for winter into their house possibly be of interest to anyone apart from me? Me going there and asking questions made them to be news. We are creating news every day. Everybody does. The newspapers, the radio and TV stations, the websites… they all go somewhere, pick up something rather random, put the headline, the lead and the nut graph together, have a photo that has worked several times before, design it psychologically to attract the viewers eyes and kick it off, creating fear and prejudices and making money with it. I pretty much don’t follow any news and I survive just fine.

If I read blogs about how to attract readers to my blog, I feel like one of these readers who got trapped by the clever structure and writing of that very blog. A number, statistics, one point more on the blogger’s scale to success.

News are constructed. (Like everything else. People who know me know that I think so.) I will keep on blogging here.


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