On blogging

I started this blog more than one and a half years ago, in my mother tongue, but I had had others before. It was definitely a literary exercise for me, something that forced me to produce some writing every Friday. By that time I was preparing for studying abroad. So it would also be a platform for reflections on my year abroad.

There is a gap where I did not blog for a while, shortly before the flight, but once I had arrived I picked up the habit again. By that time I was reading a lot about minimalism for one, and freelance blogging on the other hand. This caused the language switch to English, and I made the blog a little bit more public on social media.

There are people who give really good hints on their blogs about blogging: That you should give the reader helpful tips. That you should keep it simple and clear but also personal. That you should build a community with other bloggers and readers by commenting and linking. That you should provide  newsletters and rss to keep readers coming back. And that you should have a little extra e-book or video tutorial to attract subscribtion or even payment. That’s why most of the posts in these blogs sounded like: “The ten simple steps I followed to create my succesfull blog – Subscribe for free video lessons!”

I realized they are using exactly the strategics they are talking about. It made me feel like “another one of those people who fell for my trick to keep them reading my blog”. The minimalists were often those inspirational motivation coaches who wanted to unveal my life purpose to me in five simple steps with a questionair. Well, I stopped reading them soon. But I still stick to some blogs that I found while reading about minimalism and blogging. One of them is zenhabits.net.

In its posts I find tips and steps and all that, and I can subscribe for a monthly coaching program, but I still read in between the lines that this guy first of all writes for the sake of writing and that’s what I like because I do the same.

On another note it is a great help to prepare my fourty vegan days before Christmas. Maybe a funny combination, but from next week on I will be dairy and — video free until Christmas. Vimeo and Youtube have recently been stealing my time, so I will reclaim it. Dairy always seemed to be impossible to do without, but as it was written in a recent post at zenhabits: “the resistance comes when we imagine the loss, not when we actually experience the loss.”


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