Advice to my Sister: Ways for a better Life

I started the new year in a very productive manner. With the big little sister I have been thinking a bit about a healthier diet, a better way of life and of being a better person altogether. Just in time for some new year’s resolutions. More than a year ago, I went through a process of developing habits and routines to spend my days in a fulfilling way. To save you time and give you an idea, this post is for you, big little sister!

Less Stuff

I am very interested in simplicity and minimalism. Reducing stuff makes your life lighter. I love the three boxes system: In one box you put stuff you definitely can get rid of – and then you actually GET rid of it. In the second one you put things you definitely want to keep. In the third one you put stuff you are not sure about. If it stays there longer than, say, six months without being used, out it goes! Monthly lists, inspiration and tips are well provided by for example. I also replaced cosmetics by household recipes and accepted the idea of even letting go of books! And that is a big accomplishment, if you know my frenetic relationship to books.

More Organisation

After slowly getting rid of material ballast it was time to declutter the day, too. Nowadays I spend most of the days with a feeling of using my time well. I organize myself, sometimes with the help of the schedule from One thing I learned from Make Three-Things-To-Do-Lists! Don’t put more on your daily plate. In that way you will be able to accomplish all the three tasks and feel great about it instead of being constantly disappointed.

Tight Finances

I also started to keep a budget, inspired by It is amazing to actually see what you spend. It helps a lot to make rational saving decisions and to enjoy spending money for stuff you really need. A good hint as well: Delay your purchases. If I think I need something, I wait at least three days before I buy it. Often enough I find great alternatives and ways to avoid the purchase altogether.

I also go food rescuing. (And since the big little sister knows what it means and since I am planning to dwell on this topic in another post, I only wanted to mention it here.) It saves me money big time! As well as eating the left-overs from my prodigal flat mates.

Healthier Life

A year ago I just started running. I try to keep this habit up, once or twice per week. The big goal to run half a marathon in the spring is a great motivation. I get a lot of adrenalin or whatever it is running through my blood. It makes me feel good, whenever I make more kilometers than before. Actually whenever I run and I feel that my breath is not exhausted. That is so amazing!

Since I am a vegetarian already, I gave the vegan lifestyle a try, for forty days before Christmas with some exceptions. It worked and I will keep scaling down my consumption of animal products. Eggs and milk are out for a long time already, yoghurt and cheese might be the hardest. Later in the year I am planning to introduce one day per week where I do not eat anything after 3 or 4pm. A doctor once suggested it for me and I see the sense in it. By drinking a lot, all unnecessary stuff will be extracted from the body because it will not be occupied with digesting any dinner.

Not to forget: health checks at the doctor, concerning my eyes and teeth in particular, are high priorities for these first months in the new year!


3 thoughts on “Advice to my Sister: Ways for a better Life

    • Hey Joanne: But make sure to adapt it to your own needs. (That’s war I hope my sister will do, too.) And keep watching, Part Two of this is already in the making.

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