Two lessons well learned

Imagine you come into the classroom and the lesson has already started because you are a bit late. Imagine irritated faces and embarrassment. Imagine your classmate telling you: This is hell.

It took me a while until I understood what was going on. Our teacher had handed out scripts for American commercials and made us perform them in front of the class. With different voices. Not that we study drama. We study journalism. Then we watched videos on acting exercises. It was one of those classes you wish you had skipped. But now I was in, however late, I was in and had to sit through the torment and embarrassment and awkwardness.

The next lesson was held by the mentioned teacher’s wife. It was on video production, straight to the point, well organised, clearly arranged and obviously useful. We understood her points and saw the sense in the lecture. One of those lessons you definitely do not want to miss because it had a lot of helpful hints and facts and useful information, and it was actually fun to listen to her.

Now guess what stuck in my head? Not the facts of the latter, not the well outlined lists of things you have to pay attention to and take care of while producing video. Although I downloaded her presentation later and even wrote parts of it in my exercise book. When doing her assignment, I still and again had to look up things. But what got really stuck in my mind were the acting exercises. The importance of them before stepping in front of a camera or microphone. The way to stand and to breath and to focus. And the slight embarrassment you feel when doing them.

We mostly remember the stupid stuff. What sticks most to our mind are random, seemingly useless odd facts and situations. To make something stick in our head, therefore, we have to expose ourselves into odd situations. We have to leave the comfort zone and embarrass ourselves. Like that we might end up with some great memories.


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