Why we should ACTUALLY go live in Nairobi

Those points adress a certain clientel and I am surprised that Think Africa Press shared them. In my opinion:

Here are the 17 reasons PLUS why we should ACTUALLY go live in Nairobi:

1. Uhuru Park

Photo: Jorge Láscar

Where the common person takes a nap.

2. Fresh Fish

Photo: Katrina Shakarian

Directly from Lake Victoria to the wholesale markets of Nairobi.

3. Goats in town

Photo: Suleiman Mbatiah

They are all over the place. Especially in the outskirts you can find them even climbing cars.

4. Go Down Arts Center

Photo: Gillian

An old warehouse where nowadays creativity bursts out of every corner in form of dance, art and other cultural phenomena.

5. Nairobi Marathon

Photo: Nairobi Marathon

21,000 people running for a reason.

6. Temples

Photo: G.R. Davis

There are several temples of various religions to be seen in town.

7. Jua Kali

Photo: Steve Daniels

The market where you can get anything, handmade from recycled material.

8. Corner milk shop

Photo: Tristan McConnell

Where you can get fresh, rich milk from the farmer, packed in a cellophan bag.

9. Public transport in a roller coaster-disco

Photo: Cheki Express

The notorious matatus carry people around town and play the latest music.

10. Sarakasi Dome

Photo: Kevin Sabuni

A venue offering regular festivities and home to Sarakasi Trust who focus on performing arts.

11. Jamia Mosque

Photo: open fire

Do not forget to buy mabuyu from the vendors in front of the mosque. They are baobab seeds coated in sugar, chili and food colour.

12. Performances at Tom Mboya

Photo: up nairobi

At the statue of Tom Mboya one will often encounter street performers or preachers.

13. Mlolongo

Photo: nyaran

Photo: nyaran

On the other side of town, Mlolongo grows fast. In this riverbed, however, you might still see monkeys.

14. Cheap Food

Photo: Mark Wiens

Whether you crave for fresh fruit, boiled eggs, roasted maize, chips, sweet cakes or a full meal: The next street vendor is certainly not far.

15. Jevanjee Gardens

Photo: Safari254

Another park to relax, which is especially beautiful when the jacaranda trees are in bloom.

16. Street Art

Photo: Sunil Deepak

It is a form of expressing non-conformity with the government, it is astonishing, and it is all over town.

17. Nairobi University

Nairobi University

The town has several institutions for higher education.

PLUS: Buzzing Blogosphere

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