Outsourcing Fears

In these days of efficiency, outsourcing appears to be a magic word. Staff management will be outsourced. Advertisement will be outsourced. Administration will be outsourced. The customer service has been outsourced long time ago. Until the actual production is outsourced to some country where it is cheaper. What remains of the business is a white space, a person on a computer, running the company and earning the money.

I learned from watching news that outsourcing is not something good. It cuts jobs and only benefits the business owner, not the workers.

Nowadays you can even outsource your shopping, and not only if you are a celebrity, living in a mansion, not able to go on the streets. Even for an ordinary person, websites offer personal assistants for a fee. You can assign them to administrate your meetings, travels and medical appointments. You can also let them buy the birthday present for your grandmother.

And then, how has that helped you? They say you have more time. For what? Sometimes, when I have a lot of work, going to the supermarket or taking letters to the post office remains the only time of the day when I actually step outside and away from the computer. That is time that I really enjoy.

And while I struggle with all that annoying trivia like registering at some agency, borrowing books from the library, buying train tickets, getting an appointment at the doctor’s, organizing trips and setting up and designing a website, I learn. If I had the funds, I could outsource these tasks and had someone else do them for me.

It could safe me some time probably, but it would safe me a lot of experience, too. Do you also have those tasks that are lining somewhere in the corner of your desk, in the corner of your mind, in the corner of your to-do list and you manage to ignore them until they cannot be avoided anymore? These tasks that make you frown of disgust and discomfort just when you think of them? How you would love somebody else to do them for you. You would save time and unpleasantness and awkwardness. And you would prevent yourself from learning and growing.

We outsource our fears instead of facing them. Outsourcing is the opposite of self-dependency. When that task comes up again, you will depend on the outsourcing agency to do it for you. If we face the fears and the unpleasant tasks, we can learn that it is not that scary at all. We can get to know the process we did not know before and therefore were afraid of. We gain experience and are better prepared for next time.

We may as well fail and see that our fear is legitimate and reasonable, but we made it through anyway and we grew. When we face our fears and unpleasant tasks instead of outsourcing them, they will diminish, even vanish, dissolve, or at least become a more familiar part of ourselves.

Which fear have you outsourced? And how will you face it today?


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