Lessons from January

Do you remember the goals you set five weeks ago, when New Year’s Eve was just over and you were full of motivation? To be honest, I did not exactly. I had to sit down and remind myself. And I had to compare my goals with this month’s outcome. So here are the lessons I learned in January:

Goals must be reviewed.

Just as I said: Looking back is important because we forget all the resolutions we made in the beginning of the year. Then we break them, unaware. Only if we remind ourselves constantly and adjust our actions we can reach our goals, slowly and one by one, but surely. In that way we learn. That is how I came to put down these insights here. By reviewing yesterday every morning, by recapitulating last week every Sunday, and by going over the last weeks in the beginning of a new month. Don’t worry: It takes time, but once you are used to it, you will find it easy to fill those papers and plans and it will go very fast.

Aimlessness pulls you down.

With the new semester just having started, I did not have any assignments. No project to work on, no mission to prepare. And I realised I was just floating, not making use of the days. Of course there is hardly anything nicer than waking up and reading the morning away, in bed, before breakfast. But afterwards I tended to get unnecessarily lost on the internet, with things that did not in any way help me. Therefore I had to look for a task that could fill my days with meaning again.

Computer eats time.

As I said, without something to do it is so easy to get lost on the Internet. From one article you are guided to the next until you find yourself caught in the web, unable to switch off. I walked in the forest, biked somewhere, went to see an exhibition. In that way, I broke the attraction by the internet, at least for a while. And I adjusted my list of habits to take on: One of the coming months will see the re-installment of a screenfree day.

People are important!

They are what really counts. Not clicks on the blog. Not the newest trend on facebook. Not even books, films or music. It is people who make our life better. I realized that on several meetings and gatherings. So whenever the opportunity presents itself to meet people, to interact, to do something with them, I am in.

Plunge in!

My finances are tight. My classes are important. But when the possibility came to volunteer in Umeå during the opening ceremony for the European Capital of Culture 2014, I went and I was in the middle of it and I enjoyed it very much. Simply because I took the chance and jumped in, against all odds. I missed a class and spend a lot on the train tickets. But I had a fantastic weekend, saw astonishing art and met great people. I came home with new inspiration and fire and ideas for my daily life here.

What lessons did you learn last month? Share them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Lessons from January

  1. Dear big sister (nice new layout, look gooood!),
    last month I learned to become better by working on little steps. To read your blog every day became a habit, it keeps me up. To install a fasting day and a dairy free day per week became a habit and I feel better in my skin and my body. I baked my first sour dough bread and it is amazing! I shared and now Tomppa is completely into growing his own sour dough aswell. I outsource by admitting imperfection as I accept that I don´t have to achieve everything I thought I need to, since the day has only 24 hours. I mean like this, I go to sleep relaxed, because I know, either there will come another day to work on it again, or I just drop the idea to feel more free again.
    I could go on like this. There are actually many things and ideas and habits I achieved last month, but how I want to sum them all up: I am HAPPY! I am fine and grateful for that. And how I want to go on: With you.
    Kiitos ❤

    • Dear big little sister,
      HAPPY to hear you’re happy! HAPPY you like my blog! And HAPPY greetings from sour dough to sour dough!
      Tack!! ❤

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