I watch a series that is meant for children but is full of drama. I like to dwell on it like on a pot of honey, knowing that it is just a sentimentality. It is not very elaborate, but it captures me.

After watching some episodes I wonder how it will continue. I remind myself of certain scenes and how the characters acted. I can play these film clips over and over again in my head, indulge in them. They seem to be stuck in my mind even during the day, when I am supposed to live my reality, get things done and be productive. The characters appear again, in the last scenes I watched, and I pity them, or I admire them, or I just marvel at them.

They are very over the top. They have heavy colourful make-up and unusual costumes. They live in a world that does not exist. And they are very dramatic: Dark pasts are haunting them. They have feelings for somebody who does not love them back. Their friends and spouses are lost to somebody else, or to a cause, or to a cruel dictator. They make mistakes, they become guilty, they get caught in intrigues. Then they sit on their beds, head in their hands, with heavy thoughts, and turn their back on the person who comes to help them. They get angry and in their rage lose control. Caught between a rock and a hard place, they do something harmful just to save themselves. They suffer, they mourn, they make things worse.

And if one of those cases is finally solved and one character overcomes his trauma and gets the girl of his dreams, two others are already mired in a net of lies and trouble and messed-up relationships.

Their problem, as it is in most series, is that they do not talk to each other. Instead of spying on the other one from afar, making assumptions and then throwing angry accusations at each other, they should sit down and ask for explanations. But then the series would be pretty boring. Half of the conflicts would never appear and the excitement would shrink by fifty percent respectively.

In real life I cannot afford such drama because it takes a lot of effort to pick up the pieces in the end. I see something suspicious – I talk. I lose a close person – I mourn and then get back to work. No turning my back to someone else. Drama does not earn me a living. When I get caught in a problem, the universe does not stop and wait for me to make a decision. It will keep spinning and probably even provide a solution in one way or the other.

All this accumulated drama is what makes me watch the series, because luckily my drama potential is rather small.


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