Silence is no crime

Silence is no crime, sings Izzy Gordon.

All the secrets I have to hide

There’s no room for you now

Till I get what I came to find

Silence indeed is no crime. Nobody can accuse you of being silent. When they question your decision, when they sniff about in your past, you are not obliged to answer. In fact, you can keep control in silence. When something is on your mind, you do not have to share it. All the secret pleasures and all the guilty addictions are yours, and yours alone.

Thoughts are free and silence is their gatekeeper and caretaker. You may think what you want. You may imagine things as you please. You may be silent about it.

I even go further and say not only you may. BE silent! Make things your secret by not sharing them. If you keep the sunrise for yourself, or your favourite story, or your marriage, it is not an act of jealous not-sharing, but rather of appreciation and full enjoyment. Keep it in your heart, keep it in your soul, keep it in your mind, keep it in silence. It will fulfill you, the moment and your life. It will be fully yours and no one will be there to judge it or try to acquire it for themselves

Silence makes you fascinating. Mostly it is not the things you talk about, but the things you do not share that make people curious. Silence is captivating because it leaves space for imagination. Attractive silence wants to be shared, not broken. The best people, the friends to stick to, are those you can share long episodes of silence with without feeling awkward. The most resourceful people are those who can remain silent while you feel their self-assurance. They know the truth, but they hold it in silence.

I am not talking about keeping quiet. I am not talking about lying or covering injustice or rejecting support by hushing and not speaking up. You must express solidarity and fight for the right cause and stand up against evil. But even this can be done in silence. Not by looking away and keeping quiet. But by standing firm, by joining the cause for the sake of the cause and not for the sake of having an audience. By spreading the message to support the right thing instead of presenting yourself in the best light possible. By keeping silent about yourself because it is not about you. By keeping silent about the enemy because it is not about the enemy. By being there silently, walking with them silently, singing silently and shouting silently, expressing truth and beauty.

There’s no room for you now

It is only me and my silence. I will hold my peace about myself and what is in my head. I will look around my own silence, indulge in it and walk through its high halls. I will be by myself for a while and go about my business like a lone explorer.

Till I get what I came to find


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