Skip class, get things done

I am a very present student. In the first semester I did not miss even one class. There are several reasons for that:

  • I can remember things better if somebody has told me. If I read them on my own I will forget them more easily.
  • I hate the feeling of sitting in a follow up class and not knowing what is going on. I find it embarrassing to ask questions that have been answered before.
  • I want to hear what the lecturers have to say. More often than not I understand their assignments better when they explain it than when I just read the instructions.
  • Class can be inspiring. As I expose myself to the lecture and the discussion, I hear certain things that trigger ideas. They can be hints for class related projects or for totally different activity.

But now I started to bunk off. Excessively. And there is one reason for it: the wasting of time. I do not take notes during  a certain lecture. I do not take part in the discussion. I only get upset and bored. It is not helping me in any way and it is not compulsory to attend. So I skip it shamelessly.

Instead, I work on assignments and the thesis. No procrastination, no hanging around and celebrating being off university. Only discipline and butt glue. And guess what: It feels great. By now I am done with all the assignments three weeks ahead and I can focus on other things, like this blogging or the thesis.

Instead of wasting my time, I quit what does not help me and focus on getting things done. I let go of the feeling I am missing something and of the shame I feel because I know I should be there. Instead I totally focus on homework, assignments, and other tasks on the to-do list and enjoy the feeling after being productive and having accomplished one or two tasks.

There are some issues I keep in mind when bunking off:

  • I apologized in the beginning. That was because I had been very present in class. Not only physically, but also taking part in the discussion. The lecturer knows me and will definitely recognize when I am not around. Therefore I sent an email in the beginning, saying that I would not come.
  • With a lower appearance rate I stopped apologizing. Otherwise the lecturer will find my emails repetitive and start wondering about this accumulation of apologies.
  • I try to sneak out before the class starts. Only if my remaining classmates ask, I tell them something very vague. I do not want them to lie for me, so in case the lecturer asks, the answer will be that I had to go somewhere or that I had to do something.
  • I do not ask afterwards what I missed. If you skip, you skip. If you want to know what is going on in class, go to class. Be prepared for surprises! The second time I bunked off I had missed a schedule change and a postponed due date. I ended up in class by myself. However, it turned out to be a very productive day.

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