An Air Line is the shortest distance between two points. At least in my vocabulary. This blog started out as a preparation for and a report about my stay in Kenya. I wrote in German, but then switched to English. I am currently finishing my university education and I am on my way into real life. I discovered minimalism, simple living and a fulfilled life style. I hope to find a balance between culture, journalism and farming one day, and between Africa and Europe. Here I blog about my findings and I am glad you want to follow my journey.

On life in different places

Read more about Kenya, Sweden or Germany.


Here are Experiments I go through, Inspiration I found elsewhere and the Thoughts that are in my head.

On reality

What I write here springs from my experience and observations. I prefer to keep myself and others as unpublic as possible. I take the freedom to fictionalize things.

On Blogging

I hope to use this blog as part of my income generation one day. There is a lot of very good professional advice on blogging out there, but against all marketing advice I do not offer an “enticing free offer” for subscribers (yet), I do not have a product to sell and I do not stick to one particular niche topic. -Sorry! I still keep it simple though and intend to build this place step by step. You are welcome to read about my way out of school, into work hopefully, onto a farm maybe and into an online business. I seek an audience who is interested in what I do and write. Please tell me more about you!


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