Outsourcing Decisions

Before I went to Umeå, I wrote about outsourcing our tasks and fears and why I do not recommend that. To put it in a nutshell: We should tackle what is in our power and face everything uncomfortable, even if we could outsource it and have someone else do it for us. By doing it ourselves we will learn and grow and gain experience. There are those incidents, though, where we definitely should practice outsourcing. That is when we do NOT have control.

Stop racking your brain. Source out decisions.

Decisions, for example, can be outsourced. When planning the trip to Umeå, there was the possibility of taking a night train as well as going by day. The night train was cheap, but I would not see the landscape. For traveling during the day I had to skip a class and arrive at an odd time, but I would find time to read and write and see the surroundings. I could have agonised. But I left it to my hosts and the volunteer organisation. They would tell me their schedules and I would simply fit in. Decision outsourced.

Let go of responsibility.

Responsibility, too, can be outsourced. When our class has to produce yet another issue of our monthly magazine, traffic in our facebook group is high. People upload their articles, the language group checks them, sends them back. The writer modifies her article, then sends it to the editor who might make more changes and send the article back again. Suggested changes are incorporated, the article goes to the layout team and is finally published. As a writer of an article you might get feedback on it twice, if not three times, and you will find red marked parts of the text and suggestions and questions. Then the discussions take off how it would be better to write and express some idea.

I do not discuss. I usually do not even want to see my article again once it is being edited. You find typos? Change them. You do not understand a certain expression? Rewrite it as you please. If you send me back my article marked red, I will incorporate all your suggested changes right away without reading it carefully again. I trust my classmates with their responsibility as a language editor as I trust myself with producing a good article. Once I have sent it out, it is in their hands and I gladly let go of my responsibility and influence.

Let the circumstances sort the problem.

What I cannot take care of, what I cannot influence, I let go, I outsource. What unnecessarily and without any outcome blocks my pipeline and torments my head, I leave to the circumstances to decide. Something will definitely come up. The problem will be solved even if I do not take charge and intervene. Like that I have more time and energy for things that I actually am able to tackle.

So what will you outsource and let go today?